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Ships of Troy

Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna


"Ships of Troy" by Michael Hanna
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In my senior year of high school, I wrote music for a student-led production of The Trojan Women, a Greek tragedy by Euripides, adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre (English version by Ronald Duncan). This solo piano piece, "Ships of Troy," grew out of the music I wrote for that production. —MH


Text used in this video:

"Hecuba's song,"
from "The Trojan Women" by Euripides;
adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre;
English version by Ronald Duncan.

Video by Michael Hanna.
Artwork by Michael Hanna with Gillis van Valckenborch, and Gustave Doré.
©2013 Michael Hanna. All Rights Reserved.

Music by Michael Hanna
"Ships of Troy" from the album "Of Those Now Gone"
©2003 Michael Hanna. All Rights Reserved.

SHEET MUSIC available at